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                                    Who We Are


     Hello my name is Cindy,


I have dedicated my life to helping animals, I am currently enrolled in a Veterinary Assisant program. Even though I've taken care of animals my whole life, but it's time for the papework so I can do more!! I'm known as "The Bird Lady," I also train, sit, an find good homes for other animals too. I have also helped people overcome their fears and issues with birds and dogs mostly, but I'm willing and able to work with all animals.


    I have always been an animal lover, animals have always seem to taken to me . My passions are Cockatiels, & african grays, however, I love them all! I currently am breeding, hand taming, and raising my cockatiels to be  good companions. They are an excellent way to give to any one who lives alone the company they need. They will make you feel better when you're not feeling well, you can take them with you just about any where you go.  My birds are very people oriented & love being with their person, & just like us they get moody & mad at you if you ignore them, they love eating with you right off your plate even if you fix them their own they will still want to taste yours! They are very smart too.  I want to make sure everyone is happy, so if you buy a bird from me, and you all just dont get along, maybe the bird doesn't like a member of the family, or whatever the reason I will let you bring it back & pick another one to try for a week or two. there is no limit, you can exchange til you find one that works for you. I also work with dogs and other animals. I take in and place any & all unwanted birds for any reasons. I will help place any animals, & work with any that need it before placing them, so please check our relocating page & our store (they will be updated peroidically).  Feel free to add your pet if for any reason (economy seems to be the current main reason) you can not keep it or give me a call, I'll come to your house & take pictures of your pet & add it for you. If its a bird I will take it til a home can be found & will only sell if I or any of my staff puts time into training, etc... 


 click on the flyer and or our price list  to have a printable version to hand out .. and help us out if in local area!!

we can use any/all help you may want to give !! we are currently located in Hiram Ohio, we will service portage county and surrounding areas. we hope to expand soon.

Welcome to Cindy's Bird Haven™ !

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