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Services for Dogs

Small to Medium Dogs 5-50 Ibs.                                 Large Dogs 51lbs. plus

Cut Nails                $12.00                                             Cut Nails        $16.00

Grind nails             $16.00                                           Grind Nails     $20.00      

Ear Cleaning          $11.00                                             Ear Cleaning   $14.00

                                       Dog Training $40.00 per hour                                                                                                       

                                       Trimming and Haircuts for Dogs

Small $25.00    Medium $35.00   Large $45.00   Extra Large $70.00


Small $30.00    Medium $40.00   Large $50.00    Extra Large $75.00

Boarding done in your home:

1-2 dogs 5lbs - 50lbs: $12 day $50 week $25 weekend

3-4 dogs 5lbs - 50lbs: $15 day $70 week $35 weekend

1-2 dogs 51lbs plus: $15 day  $65 week  $35 weekend

3-4 dogs 51lbs plus: $20 day $95 week $45 weekend

Dog Training:

A minimum of 1 hour per dog. I require everyone who lives in the home and any caretakers to be present for the consultations and trainings. I will begin with Q & A to find all problems and or concerns in which to work on first.

Then I will teach the dog the commands. Then one by one, each person will partake in commanding the dog. I will show how and what to do when the dog does right or wrong.

All sessions will consist of 1-2 hours per session. First depending on the problem and willingness/ability of the dog. Everyone involved will need to work with the dog daily.

Frequency depends on the number of problems/concerns to be corrected and progress made upon my first return. You may only need two visits.

Basically this is the schedule of events for training:

1. Assesment of problems/concerns

2. Priorities

3. Teach dog

4. Teach People

5. Give homework

6. Return and reevaluate

7. Conclusion or return 

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