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Services for Birds

For Cockatiels & Smaller Birds                         For Bigger Birds

Cut Nails $8                                                        Cut Nails $12

Cut Wings $11                                                      Cut Wings $15

Cut Nails & Wings $15                                       Cut Nails & Wings $20

                                       Boarding in my home

1-3 Cockatiels or smaller       $8.00 a day     $35.00 a week      $20.00 a weekend

4-6 Cockatiels or smaller       $11.00 a day     $55.00 a week      $25.00 a weekend

1-3 Birds Larger                     $12.00 a day     $50.00 a week      $25.00 a weekend

4-6 Birds Larger                     $15.00 a day   $70.00 a week      $35.00 a weekend

           Boarding in your home add a $5.00 fee per day if over 25 miles from Hiram, Ohio 44234



          This service will be provided in my residence only.  This assures myself and you that your bird is being properly trained.  I will be working with your bird/birds all throughout the day.  Price varies per type of bird.




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